Pisces 21 Testimonials

Sentiments from Our Happy Customers


‘Bluefish’, Hingham, Mass

Hi Jean, Now that the season is over I just wanted to drop you a line and tell you how happy we are with our Pisces 21 Bluefish. So often reality does not meet one’s expectations, but in this case she met and exceeded our expectations. Bluefish sails beautifully and she is easily single-handed. I don’t have to fight the tiller or a cumbersome main or jib, and I’ve even gotten the hang of reefing. The jib club is a tremendous convenience too. She tracks like a bigger boat. All that and looks so beautiful to boot! I never had so many questions, compliments or had my picture taken by so many strangers! I didn’t know we would become “celebrities” – even now, in the boatyard….Thanks again for building such a beautiful boat, in so many ways.

Wes & Pat, Pisces 21 ‘Bluefish’ Hingham, Mass

‘Dagny’, Newcastle, NH

Hi Jean, Went out in the Pisces 21 again yesterday morning… wasn’t sure it was worth the trouble getting the boat ready as there didn’t seem to be much, if any, wind on the water. I wanted to see how little wind was needed to sail the boat. I’d say we found between 4 and 7 kts of wind, a nice gentle breeze. We touched on 5 kts of boat speed close hauled. Very nice, and that was against the tide. Jean, this boat sails really well! That’s about as direct as we can be. We’ve only had her a week and have already done more sailing than all of last summer.We couldn’t be happier. This boat is turning heads here at the marina and definitely has a WOW factor. Happy as can be with this purchase. Certainly a great little boat from a great company.

Keep it up. ‘Dagny’ Newcastle, NH

'Sherrie Ann', Boothbay Harbor, Maine

Each time “Sherrie Ann” sets sail we look forward to another rewarding day on the water.   She is a very comfortable day sailor, responsive and well balanced at the helm, paces well off the wind and is a sure head turner with her traditional lines.  A prettier sloop, either under sail or at anchor, you will not find.

Jim “SHERRIE ANN” of Oklahoma KS, and Boothbay Harbor, ME

'Serendipity', San Francisco, CA

Serendipity, is Pisces Hull No. 1. She is, I think, the most basic version of the boat that Jean has built. I have no engine, no roller furling, wooden spars, white three-strand running rigging and traditional bronze hardware and blocks. Except for the cold-molded hull and synthetic sails and lines, the boat feels and looks exactly like I imagine the first flotilla of Herreshoff Fishes felt and looked to the members of Seawanhaka Yacht Club on that long ago summer in 1916 when the first fleet was delivered….Some of my best moments are just enjoying the beauty of the boat. I love it when I am slipping along in a light breeze, sprawled out to leeward to generate enough heel to keep the sail full. She moves with almost no air.

‘Serendipity’, San Francisco, CA

'Akela', Bass Harbor, Maine

…As a child I sailed in 12 1/2s, Fish and “A” Boats. When I saw and sailed in your Pisces 21 my dream came true. I’m turning 81 in a couple of months and to have the simplicity, seaworthiness and beauty to sail solo or with “several” adults is fantastic. I will cite a particular day this past summer. Wind steady, West to SW about 12-15 knots, gentle swells and small chop. I sailed 21 nautical miles in just under 4 1/2 hours. The feeling of freedom, excitement and unbelievable beauty, coupled with the silence and total dependency on wind made for a spectacular memory. I hope in some way I have conveyed to you the enjoyment you have provided me. As always,

Rod “Akela”, Bass Harbor, Maine

'Hope', Boca Grande, FL

The Pisces, which is Chuck Paine’s sensible and sensitive update of the Herreshoff Fish Class appealed to me as someone who loved the 12 1/2 but wanted something bigger for more wind and heavier seas.  It also fit the scale of things suitable to my age and habit of sailing alone.  Getting underway quickly is important to me as I sail every day but not all day… The Pisces is a fast, powerful and beautiful boat.  The Pisces owner will have to endure being frequently photographed.  The beauty is in the design, the elegant sail plan and the extraordinary quality of construction by the Classic Boat Shop. I couldn’t recommend it more.

Tom ‘Hope’, Boca Grande, Florida