Pisces 21 DaySailer

Herreshoff Fish Class Designed by C.W. Paine 1999

The Pisces 21 Daysailer is a lovely boat to admire from any perspective: From the first sight of her in the morning glow gently pulling at her mooring painter, sailing and close tacking with ease around the harbor or taking a final glance as you row to shore basking in the last light of the day.

This boat will move you. Crafted in the tradition of Maine boat building using the finest materials and modern finishes, the Pisces 21 Daysailer is the perfect blend of old and new. Whether day sailing your favorite cruising waters, off on a camping adventure or enjoying the hospitality of the many bed and breakfasts along the way, the Pisces 21 Daysailer is guaranteed to fill your heart with memories to be passed along to the next generation.